Visual Studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete

With the new VS 2013 I encountered problems with the designer in my WinForms projects. Sometimes I got the message and had to wait about 5 minutes to continue working. With Update 1 for VS 2013 the problem seems to be gone, give it a shot.

VS 2013 Update 1


Using EnumColumn in XtraGridView with images

To do this you need an RepositoryItemImageComboBox

RepositoryItemImageComboBox imageCombo = GridControl.RepositoryItems.Add("ImageComboBoxEdit") as RepositoryItemImageComboBox;
imageCombo.SmallImages = imageCollectionTyp;

imageCombo.Items.Add(new ImageComboBoxItem("Zeitraum", MyEnum.Val1, 0));
imageCombo.Items.Add(new ImageComboBoxItem("Gruppe",MyEnum.Val2, 1));

imageCombo.GlyphAlignment = DevExpress.Utils.HorzAlignment.Center;
SellTimeGridView.Columns["Type"].ColumnEdit = imageCombo;