Using EnumColumn in XtraGridView with images

To do this you need an RepositoryItemImageComboBox

RepositoryItemImageComboBox imageCombo = GridControl.RepositoryItems.Add("ImageComboBoxEdit") as RepositoryItemImageComboBox;
imageCombo.SmallImages = imageCollectionTyp;

imageCombo.Items.Add(new ImageComboBoxItem("Zeitraum", MyEnum.Val1, 0));
imageCombo.Items.Add(new ImageComboBoxItem("Gruppe",MyEnum.Val2, 1));

imageCombo.GlyphAlignment = DevExpress.Utils.HorzAlignment.Center;
SellTimeGridView.Columns["Type"].ColumnEdit = imageCombo;

Levels in XtraGrid

The DevExpress GridControl is such an awesome control. Specially the multi-level support is very useful when you want to display complex business objects. Anyway, sometimes you don’t want to display additional levels in your GridView to keep your UI clean. For this requirement use Grid Designer -> Feature Browser -> Data Binding -> ShowOnlyPredefinedDetails

Happy coding!

XtraGrid FocusedRowChanging event

I wondered why there isn’t such an event in the DevExpress XtraGridView but there is, it’s just called BeforeLeaveRow

It’s great for some validation code and if it fails you can just set e.Allow to false